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Gambling website To create a successful betting model Every gambler must collect as much information as possible. But how well does the data fit the expected situation? Dominic Cortis explains the importance of statistical testing in data analysis. Modeling and Verification of Results It involves comparing the expected values ​​under ideal conditions with the actual observed values.

Pinnacle Sports Pulse Magazine has published numerous articles on distribution types and results. in the previous article We have discussed one possible pitfall. To use the wrong parameters in the correct model. such as aggregating small samples and large values

Technically, online gambling games ufabet We are measuring the results of statistical tests. That is, to what extent the observed data is appropriate for the expected situation. As described in this article on model errors. This approach is not compatible with choosing the right look but with choosing the right size. One of the easiest ways to measure is the χ2 test.

60 tim e If you roll the dice 60 times

Roll the dice If you roll the dice 60 times, you will expect each number to come up 10 times. You should not be mistaken for a player ‘s mistake, because after the number 2 is drop 10 times in 40 rolls, argue. It’s not that it won’t fall off again. Therefore, it can be argued that the value on the dice systematically deviates from the expect if the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are toss at 9, 11, 10, 9, 12 and 9 times respectively. Indeed, this situation is different from the situation where each number falls 10 times, but the main question is whether the difference is significant.

As you can see in the table below. deviation In other words, the difference between observed and expected values ​​ranges from -2 to 1. We are interested in measuring all deviations. This shows how much the value rolled on the dice differs from the ideal situation. The sum of deviations is 0 because observed and expected values ​​add up to 60 times.

There are several ways to solve this problem

There are several ways to solve this problem. such as using absolute values ​​or calculating percentage differences. We will measure the relative change in the squared deviation. That is, you should square each deviation and divide the result by the expected value. For example, if the number 5 comes out 12 times, the formula will look like this: 2*2 ÷ 10 = 0.4 if you add up all of these values. It turns out that the criterion χ 2 is equal to 0.8.

Criteria χ 2measures

The Chi-Square Test Criteria χ 2measures the total discrepancy between the expected and observed frequencies: the larger the value, the better. The greater the difference between the two values. Although this can be measured as accurately as possible. But we use the point where there is a limit. For simplicity it can be found in any statistical table. For example, many threshold points are include in the Royal Statistical Society’s table set. Try a column with 0.05 and a 5 percent significance level.

Whereas the normal distribution is based on two parameters. and the Poisson distribution based on one parameter. mean deviation The chi-squared distribution depends on one parameter, degrees of freedom. In this case, we have six possible outcomes. There will be five levels of independence. Less than one level, the critical value of χ 2, that is, the value χ 2 must be exceed to indicate the difference, is 11.070.

This is the main limitation of this web gambling test, but the lack of evidence doesn’t mean the values ​​are equal. Additionally, the above online gambling apps only use a 5 percent significance level. This means that the sign of difference is a discrepancy which would ideally occur less than 1 in 20 times. The final chi-square test requires at least 5 expected values ​​for each category.