Do turn over, total count online casino

Online casino This method of counting is difficult to say. Because it counts the total amount play, both gains and losses. Caused by playing all of the players in that game Regardless of whether it is gained or lost. It is taken into account as a balance. Turnover all from free credits,

for example, ufabet999 website has a promotion. Online casino free credit 2020 100% from the deposit and the turnover is set at  10 times. You have deposited credit at 1,000 baht, you will receive a free bonus of 1,000 baht. How to think for The “gross count” is (Capital 1000 + Bonus 1,000) x 10 = 20,000 baht. Which is the total amount play and lost and earned in that game that you will need to meet the amount you will be able to withdraw the bonus itself. 

Turn over, equidistant counting  online casino

Turn Over counting like this is another level where if anyone can do it. it’s good for yourself. But if anyone can do it. You don’t have to be sad. (because the author can’t do it either” by this method of counting will be different from the first one in this way will count the number of play only. If you lose the balance there will not be count as the “turn over” amount. 

For example,  ufabet999 website has a free promotion, bonus 100% from the deposit amount and has a turnover schedule at 5 times. If you already have a deposit of 500 baht and receive a free bonus of 500. Then you will get the following method: (500 equity + 500 bonus) = 1000 x 5 = 5000 This is the amount you need to play to get. 100 free bonus that full percentage

How to calculate the turnover in online casinos

Turnover refers to the amount that a member has to play on the website in each website. Which some websites may have the idea of ​​type 1, some websites are type 2 (recommend to read the details on the website before doing turnover). Which the way of thinking is not very difficult. As mentioned above, the capital + bonus x turnover amount = balance, for

example, equity 500 + bonus 500 x balance 15 times = 15,000 baht. 

Online Casino Terms free bonus credit 

for this part Take, for example , website A has organized a promotion to receive a “100% free bonus on the first deposit. Online Casino Terms Free credit bonus 2020 which can be withdrawn. When Turnover completes 25 times, in which case if you start to deposit into the capital 500 baht and receive a free bonus of 500 baht, the way to think of the website will be like this: 500 + 500 = 1,000 x 25 = 25,000 baht

. This is the amount of interest that members must complete. Before withdrawing to receive a free bonus, which in addition to 25 times will be available in many promotions Also, such as the turnover amount 1 times, turn 5 times, 10 times, or 15 times, etc., depending on the promotion. How much is the bonus amount? The more bonuses You have to do a lot of turns as well.  

Online casinos in the event that the turnover is not reached 

For in the case of failing to meet the conditions Most of the members on each website will be able to withdraw their funds first. As the website has determined according to such conditions. But some websites may have bonuses deducted away only. 

Anyone who has read this far hopes that you all understand how to do it. turnover  up more Hopefully this article will be useful to new betting players who are about to enter the path of gamblers or players who do not know how to do it. “Turnover” more or less