5 Best Restaurants in Chinatown / “Yaowarat” in Bangkok, Thailand

Where are you going today? Let’s go to eat delicious food at the street food in Yaowarat there are a lot of food and dessert available all day long from morning until night.

1. Yaowarat shark fin fish maw

Shark Fin Restaurant Pigdad is located at: Opposite Krungsri Bank For customers to sit and eat at the restaurant can seat from 19.00. The menu with a choice of variants. Each menu is very appetizing, such as Hong Kong noodles with red sauce price 85-130 baht, fried rice with crab price 130 baht,  dried fish  maw for 170  baht  and red shark fin soup with fish maw for 350-550  baht.

Open for service Tuesday – Saturday 15:30 – 21:30 and Sunday 12:30 – 21:30.

2. Tang Ngee Huat, rice porridge, duck Yaowarat

pork porridge Khao Tom with fish together many times already I’d like you to come try some of the duck porridge because at Tang Ngee Huat, Yaowarat duck porridge besides the duck porridge. Still have pork stomach After eating, you will want to come back because you are fascinated. Soft duck meat is delicious and delicious with mellow ingredients, the price is comfortable, the duck porridge and the pork belly boiled rice is 50 baht, if you are not full, order a special 60 baht. Just perfect

Open for service every day from 11.00-23.00

3. LimLaoNgow restaurant

Delicious fish ball noodles restaurant that is considered to be One of the legendary and old restaurants in Yaowarat, was awarded the Bib Gourmand award from MICHELIN GUIDE (Michelin Guide). With a veteran skill that makes the strands as tough and soft as possible. And that is not mentioned at all, that is the shop’s fish balls with a fresh bouncy, sweet taste melting.  The overall taste is delicious until the end of the day. I do not feel at all surprised how I go through the shop, there are always customers. The starting price is 40 baht per bowl.

Open daily from 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

4. Chinese noodle soup, Ouan Pochana Yaowarat

Chinese noodle famous of Yaowarat  Just talking about it, the smell of peppercorns up the nose because this restaurant is famous for the spicyness of the pepper that just sipping the broth will feel hot all over And the broth of the restaurant is clear water able to choose whole pieces of pork offal or crispy pork choose what you want you can add lines or have a heavy machine as needed. Whoever goes to Yaowarat, do not forget to go and eat, starting price 60 baht. 

Open for service every day from 18.00-21.00

5. Sweet time

An old dessert shop in the legend of Yaowarat. The shop is not difficult to find, look for a store that is colorful with bright signs. Which results in the shop cart looks outstanding. The best menu items of the shop are “Bualoy Black Sesame”, “Yen Tao Tueng”, “Tub Tim Krob, Coconut Milk” and “Ginkgo with Fresh Milk” . The price starting at 40-50 baht.