“Myanmar Sea” An Island Paradise of The Andaman Sea

Myanmar Sea travel, if your heart is calling for the beach and the sea. Let’s organize a sea trip with check-in in style, add vitamins to the Sea and travel to Burma’s sea.

 On every island, you can take a boat out of the pier in Ranong province to travel. 

Nyaung Oo Pee Island

Currently, the island has only one resort accommodation. The atmosphere is so quiet. And it could be said that this is a tourist’s private beach. Where you can arrange a day trip from Ranong for snorkeling and grilled seafood lunch on the beach.

Cocks Comb Island

Cockcom Island or known in Thai as “Emerald Heart Island” is another island that can be reached from Ranong as well. Cockcom Island is unique in that it is completely limestone island without any beach and shelter, and there is a gap in the middle of the island allowing the sea water to seep in until it looks like a green heart-shaped lake. As the origin of the name of the island of the Emerald Heart itself. The area around the island has plenty of coral reefs, so you can enjoy snorkeling.

Cock Burn Island

An island in the Andaman Sea with jungle, sand, rock, sea and tranquility. It is a very dazzling miracle of the Burma Sea.  And you can take a speedboat from Ranong to reach Cockburn Island in about 1 hour.

 HorseShoe Island

A small island that looks like a horseshoe. And there are spectacular beaches hidden in that curve. This island has the same name as the horseshoe island. To explore the island, you can choose from a day trip from Ranong. Heart Island And is in line with Koh Chang and Koh Phayam on the Thai side as well Getting from Ranong to this island does not take long.

Dragon Islands

Dragon Islands It is an archipelago that is far to the Burmese sea. It has just opened for tourists to experience the beauty recently with a beautiful island like Lord Heaven Island, which is the origin of the name. “Dragon Islands” from the length of an island that is shaped like a dragon and has the longest beach in sight And later is Dragon Nest Island, which has both beaches and diving spots. The largest of the islands is Lord Loughborough Island, which is a large forested island. The Dragon Islands also offer a one-day package tour from Ranong province.

Tafook Island

Tafuk Island or Dunkin Island is another beautiful island in the Burmese Sea where you can stay overnight on the island. And have a boat tour from Ranong to the island Tafuk Island has a large beach facing west.  Which you can arrange a 2 day 1 night trip from Ranong at this island.

Sali Island

Sali Island is known as the Maldives of Burma. From the beach and the shallow sea with crystal clear water until you can clearly see the white sand under the water. And a new attraction that is not yet named in the world map! (The island is close to Balar Island on the coast of Myanmar, which in Google Map is named Saddle Island) by traveling to Sali Island takes about 1 hour from the port in Ranong, which is the highlight of Sali Island. Very vast beach And stretched out in a sharp sandy manner The surrounding area is a shallow sea area with clear water.

Koh Mook (Pearl Island)

Myanmar’s Koh Mook is another highlight island of the Andaman Sea. The island is known locally as Pyin Sa Island and Koh Mook is considered a paradise for snorkelers. Because there is a coral reef not far away And on the way to Koh Mook, you will also pass Nemo Garden, a coral reef full of clown fish for you to swim closely. The beaches of Koh Mook are quiet beaches. The fine grains of sand and the clear water are surrounded by coral reefs in such a way that diving all day long will never be bored.

Bruer Island

Brewer Island or Suang Guat Island is a beautiful island south of the Burmese Sea. The island is featured in the Twin Beach, where the two beaches are only a few meters apart. And even in the same sea But both sides of the beach have different water colors as well. Brewer Island also has a resort on the island where you can spend the night. And in the same neighborhood, there is also another island called “Flower Island” which is often included in travel packages for you to admire the beautiful nature of the Burmese Sea as well.

Macleod Island

McLeod Island or also pronounced Makui Island Is an island that has been channeled as the Queen of the Burmese Sea. Because it is a large island with many beaches There are many coral reefs around. Under nature, both the wild and the sea that is still abundant. And there are resorts on the island to stay overnight as well. Here you can do a variety of activities from swimming and snorkeling to hiking to the top of the island with beautiful scenery. The Macleod Island is surrounded by many large and small islands. One of them is Koh Mook, which is another attraction that we recommend above.