“Koh Phayam”, Ranong Province in Thailand

Koh Phayam is a large island. It consists of small mountains with mixed forests scattered everywhere. It is home to wild animals such as monkeys, lemurs , wild boars and many kinds of birds. Especially hornbills, which are birds that have a lot of both Koh Phayam and Koh Chang. The highest part of the island is approximately 224 meters above sea level. Conditions around the island have many beaches. Including the mangrove forest ecosystem. Which is in the eastern bay The coral reefs formed dense samples. Bay wing Both the northern and southern bays With the following important gulfs for tourism business:         

Ao Mae Mai  

The located is on the east side of the island Location of Koh Phayam Pier It is the center of the island’s prosperity. There are large communities such as houses, shops, restaurants, and accommodations that link transportation to the bays on the islands, including boat rentals, submarines, motorbikes and bicycles. Tow truck service Suitable for kayaking activities to see the beauty of the river. And rich mangrove forests It is also the location of the Koh Phayam Temple. The only temple on the island It can be said that it is the heart and soul of the people on this island.

Ao Khao Kwai 

It’s the beautiful beach that makes the hearts of visitors fall in love. But there are still white beaches in Khao Kwai Bay. Sandy texture The surrounding sea is still crystal clear blue. Can go swimming Chilling out to see the coral reefs under the sea

Ao Yai 

The located is on the west coast of Koh Phayam. Suitable for tourists who like a quiet atmosphere. There are beaches that are as wide as their names. And muddy sand When the waves hit the beach, a fine line appears. The land behind the beach is covered with low, shady forests. The cove’s rocky edge and near the small island are great spots for snorkeling. During the high waves on the shallow water beach you can surf. The evening can sit and watch the sunset so romantic.

Accommodation Koh Phayam

The located at the most beautiful bays of the island, Ao Yai and Ao Khao Kwai.

The ideal time to visit Koh Phayam

Able to travel all year round But the best times are during the month. October to April