5 “Beautiful Islands” In the World, The Best Island

Beautiful Islands, whether it is in the summer or not the sea is one of the most popular holiday destinations that many people choose to travel to.  So today, we would like to bring you to know 5 islands that are worth a visit in a foreign country that are beautiful in the world. In this life, if you want to make the most of your life as a trip, you must visit these islands once.

Hawaii, United States

The Hawaiian Islands are the largest among the Hawaiian Islands. Located in the state of Hawaii United States If you travel to the island of Hawaii, you will experience a variety of natural wonders. Whether it’s Kahalu’u Beach Park, a famous beach on the island of Hawaii. This is a popular dive site on the island where you can choose to snorkel, scuba dive, see marine life. Or to swim and chill Can choose

In addition to playing in the sea, on the island of Hawaii there is Akaka Waterfall, a 135 meter high waterfall where you can see the beauty of the waterfalls that flow down juicy and see the nature of the forest. Around by walking on the nature trail Including viewing the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where volcanic eruptions and lava cascade down the mountain’s edge. It is absolutely amazing. There is also a black sand beach (Black Sand Beach) within the park, this black sand beach is caused by volcanic lava flowing down to combine with the sand and sea water itself. In which this black sand beach, friends Able to swim And there are also many sea turtles to see.

You can see that Hawaii is a very diverse island to visit. That we give this example are only a few. It is no wonder why Hawaii is one of the islands worth visiting at once in your lifetime.

Faroe, Denmark

Many of you have probably heard the famous news that the Faroe Islands are a land deprived of female populations, and young people in this country are looking for an Asian partner, especially Thai women. Which aside from cute stories These are then the Faroe Islands are one of the most beautiful islands in the world. 

The Faroe Islands consist of 18 small islands. In the Faroe Islands, this is the answer. Because the charm of traveling to Faroe Island is a natural ride. Because the scenery of the Faroe Islands is beautiful There is abundant nature here. The turquoise sea here is surrounded by lush mountains. In winter, it will be covered with snowy white. 

There are colorful houses located along the waterfront. We can see the way of life of people here doing a career as a fisherman. Get an up-close look at piffins and sheep farming by the Faroe Islands villagers. Which is the highlight of the trip to the Faroe Islands, such as

  • Gásadalur village, a cute village Surrounded by mountains Each house has a grass roof. There were sheep wandering around the village. It is a very beautiful sunset viewpoint as well.
  • Lake Leitisvatn, the largest lake of the Faroe Islands. Located near the sea The cliffs cut the waterways to flow into the North Atlantic Ocean.
  • Arnafjall Mountain with waterfalls from the mountains flowing into the sea etc.


Paradise Island, Maldives Is the dream island of girls Many people who want to visit beautiful islands, clear water, soft white sandy beaches. Then put on bikini tops, show off their beautiful body and take photos on social media With a romantic island atmosphere, it is perfect for a trip with a boyfriend or a honeymoon. But if going with friends It is recommended that you go as a group to have fun. Because besides the romantic scenery on the Maldives There are also activities for friends on the island. Do many things such as diving to see the beauty of the sea, fishing, riding a boat, watching dolphins, canoeing, pedal boats, windsurfing. Surfboards, etc.

Santorini, Greece

Another romantic island destination that is not defeated by the Maldives is Santorini Island. And with the atmosphere of a white house Blue domed roof contrast with the color of the bright sky. And the color of the sea Thus making Santorini an island worth visiting once in a lifetime. Santorini Island Fira is the capital and largest city on the island. There is a cute village of Oia in the north of the island. It is an ancient village with beautiful architecture. White house Descending along the hillside for us to walk through the alleyways of the village Along with the atmosphere of the sea Along with waiting to watch the sunset around this village

A visit to Santorini is not only about the romance of seeing beautiful architecture and buildings, as there are black sand beaches, white sandy beaches and red sand beaches. Which at this red sandy beach is called a breathtaking name, another name that is nude beach Because anyone who comes to sunbathe here can be totally naked. In addition, friends You can also take a boat ride to see the active crater of Nea Kameni volcano.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora Island, an amazing island known as the Queen of the Pacific Islands Because it is located in the Pacific Ocean It is one of the French Polynesia Islands, an overseas territory of France. The reason we recommend it to your friends visit Bora Island Bora. Because it has snappe by many media and tourists from all over the world to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The sea is very clear. Clear like a mirror ever. Moreover, the romance of this island is not lost to the Maldives as well. Bora Bora Island has activities for friends. They do a lot of things like flamingos, scuba diving, snorkeling, and something very special and must-see when visiting Bora Island. Bora is the shark feeding.