3 seas of dreams, ordinary and extraordinary

Happy until I forget my age Traveling to the sea, not just clear skies, beautiful beaches, blue seas But it must not be common. Travel to the fullest. All 3 of these are ranked as the most beautiful beaches in the world because of their uniqueness, that is, with cute little animals. that can’t be seen from anywhere Come and see as well. Ordinary widow, not us.

1. Major Cay Island Bahamas 

Major Cay Island Close to Florida, United States, this popular island. Discovered in 2009, it’s so chic that the island is completely uninhabited. There will be only Nong Moo (Sea) who likes to swim as a soul. Until many people call it “Pig Beach” on this island, we can swim and take pictures with Nong Moo. But do not feed it because it may be dangerous to the pig.

2. Boulders Beach, Cape Town,

Republic of South Africa (Boulders Beach) is located in the Cape of Good Hope. named It has the most beautiful beaches and seas. Especially the Cape of Good Hope that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean is very beautiful and here we can meet African penguins. or black-footed penguin which are found only in Africa Walk around like the owner of the beach.

3. Maldives, Indian Ocean

close to this For those who have been there, they cannot help but talk about the most beautiful sea in the world. It has an area of ​​​​more than 1,190 coral islands, the water is very clear blue and is home to many marine life such as sea turtles, whale sharks. baby shark, which swims around near the accommodation in a friendly way

I saw this big model, flashing light. Travel and come to the beautiful sea where alone is enough It must be new and unique like this.