Money: Tips to Save Money When Traveling in Europe

While many Europe countries are part of the Traveling Eurozone and therefore use the Euro as a common currency, others still have their national currency. There are currently 28 different ones.

Money Tips to Save Money When Traveling in Europe

Where to travel?

Especially in Western and Northern Europe, the cost of life is high, and it might seem hard to travel in Europe on a budget. Still, there are ways to save ufabet money and avoid spending a fortune going around.

But if you’re on a tight budget, aim for countries out of the Eurozone instead.

Find free entertainment

As Maria from Travelling Buzz noticed, “Europe has amazing travel opportunities”. Whether it is for transportation or visiting a local attraction, students, seniors, or EU citizens under 26 will often be eligible to discounted rates.

“Almost every country introduces discounted rates for museums. […] Check out the official websites of the places you visit before you go and look if you can save some money” Maria,

Ask the local tourism office or the locals about free events like open-air concerts. And don’t exclude going to the beach or talking a walk in the park: that’s free!

To discover a city’s landmark, I recommend that you check if there is a Free Tour. That’s what I do in most capital city I visit, and so far, it’s always been worth it.

Withdrawing or exchanging money in Europe?

As a general rule, withdraw cash from ATMs rather than exchanging money. And do so only at bank ATMs, for your safety. Do not change money at the airport in particular, where fees are at their highest.

What will help you save more money?

Knowing how to save money on flights and accommodation goes a long way to spare your budget, in Europe.

Consider cooking your own meals from time to time: the locals don’t eat out for every meal, and neither should you! It’s cheaper to buy groceries than dining at the restaurant. Try restaurants for lunch, when they have a dedicated menu which is usually cheaper.