List of “Mountain Hikes” That You Should Visit Once In Your Life

The beautiful mountain hikes a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and the feeling of conquering something that no match has in common is that all of this is waiting for you to experience the top of the mountain on this list of must-visit hikes in life.

Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is an ideal hiking destination for beginners.
The summit of Kilimanjaro, towering at 5,899 meters, is the tallest mountain in Africa. And one of the most famous mountains in the world and although this place is not easy to climb But there are also traits that help beginner climbers learn how to deal with ascent. 

Without having to face any technical or environmental challenges that pose risks. All climbers, regardless of their skill level, must be paired with local guides And should set aside time for 5-6 days in case of going up to the summit This endeavor is guaranteed to be excellent. Because when you mountain hikes reach the top of the mountain, you will be able to see a breathtaking view that you should see once in your life.Don't miss Kaliwa Lodge's balcony lounging.

Denali, Alaska

This mountaineering spot is ideal for conquering between May and June.
Denali Peak (also known as Mackinley Peak) is located in Denali National Park. It is the tallest mountain in North America, reaching 6,194 meters. At this height, it is no wonder that the hike is even more difficult. 

In fact, even experienced people can benefit from joining a guide from one of the six companies registered with the park. The best time to climb Denali is between May and June. Because it is in the most stable state Travelers may spend up to 4 weeks on this trip to reach the summit.

McKinley Creekside Cabins are a short drive from Denali National Park.

A short drive from the entrance to Denali National Park, you will find McKinley Creekside Cabins, which are close to several hiking trails that you can explore while not hiking.

Mount Elbrus Russia

Mount Elbrus is a popular hiking spot for amateur climbers.
Mount Elbrus is not only the tallest mountain in Russia , but also the highest in Europe. The peak of this mountain is in fact two calm volcanoes, and if you go up to the summit in the west You will see a wide 250 crater still in good condition. 

Mount Elbrus is very popular with amateur climbers. And it’s also known for its challenging routes, but it’s worth a try. It takes about a week to reach the summit at the altitude of 5,642 meters.

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Hvannadalshnúkur peak Iceland

See many crevices in the glacier at  Hvannadalshnúkur
If you want to hike a mountain that doesn’t take much time, Mount Hvannadalshnúkur Is the option for you Despite being only 2,100 meters high, Hvannadalshnúkur Is the highest mountain in Iceland this hike can be completed in just one day, so you will have plenty of time to explore the nearby Skaftafel National Park. Excellent, that is Although in principle climbing here is not difficult. But there is a challenge to walk through mountain glacier crevicest.

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Matterhorn Peak Switzerland

With a shape that is almost like a pyramid  Causing people to see immediately, they know that this is Matterhorn mountain peak

With a shape that is almost like a pyramid Causing people to see immediately, they know that this is Matterhorn mountain peak
The Matterhorn is a majestic pyramid-like mountain. This makes it one of the most photographed mountains in the world. And is also a must-see destination for many hikers. The hike to the 4,478 meter peak takes about 2 days and a guide is required.

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