Night Sky, “Doi Samer Dao”, Nan province, Thailand

Doi Samer Dao the most popular tourist destination in Si Nan National Park, Si Sa Ket Subdistrict, Na Noi District, Nan Province. Is an area with a wide courtyard curved along the ridge Its height above sea level is 888 meters, and although it is not the highest mountain But it is a mountain that is beautiful, magnificent, not lost to other mountains in Thailand.

There will be a courtyard for tourists to relax. And pitched a tent together Above this is another good place to watch the sunset and watch the sunrise. In winter and rainy season We will wake up in the morning to fully embrace the mist. I tell you that even though it’s not the highest mountain But here it is a very romantic mountain and we can see the scenery as far as the eye can see. Looking down to see the Nan River flowing through the mountains beautifully. It is a spectacular view. Like that once in a lifetime you have to experience it with your own eyes.

Doi Samer Dao is open to tourists all year round. But will open for camping only from October to February of every year, which the beauty of Doi Samer Dao will change differently in each season. But, of course, it’s still beautiful. And the charm of nature is completely intact as before.

Getting to Doi Samer Dao

From Bangkok towards Nakhon Sawan Province Phitsanulok Province Until Phrae And enter Yantrakitkosol Road Highway 101 heading to Wiang Sa District, Nan Province, then turn right onto Chao Fa Road. Provincial Highway No. 1026, approximately 35 kilometers when reaching Na Noi Then turn left onto the road Na Noi – Pang Hai Provincial Highway 1083, keep driving You will see a sign on the left, go to Doi Samer Dao and Pha Hua Sing.