6 “Floating Markets” in Bangkok to Chill, Taste, Shopping

The floating markets coordinates in bangkok with ShopBack Blog because the floating market is a simple conservation place? It’s a great place to stay if you’re looking for a place to stay. In addition, each market is unique. We have our own activities, so we can enjoy the community and get bored of the holidays. Who’s ready this Saturday, get ready to visit the floating market with us. !

6 Bangkok Floating Market will be a walk, eat or visit. It’s a holiday.

1. Khlong Lat Mayom

ตลาดน้ำในกรุงเทพ, กรุงเทพ ที่เที่ยว
Image Credit : FB/taladnamkhlongladmayom

When it comes to bangkok floating markets, the name of Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is probably the first name that many people can think of. This is one of the classic markets we know, and the floating market is known for its bustle. Both Thai and international tourists are visiting. It’s a bit quiet during the covid period.

However, after the Khlong Lat Mayam Floating Market began to reopen, There are many people who go out and come back with a fun atmosphere with a smile again.

The floating market is divided into two zones: a retro zone where you can experience the classic atmosphere of the old market in the old days. The other zone is a new market with a lot of food.

There are many quirky packages to choose from, and there are also trendy contemporary products for us to shop for. For the food, this is definitely not the same as the one that you have, the famous uncle chuan noodles, to the old curry rice shop waiting for us to come and taste.

Opening Hours : Sat-Sun 09.00-15.00 hrs.

2. Wat Saphan Ratchaphruek Floating Market

ตลาดน้ำในกรุงเทพ, กรุงเทพ ที่เที่ยว
Image Credit : FB/TladNamWadSaphanRachphvks

Wat Saphan Floating Market is a small floating market along bangkok noi canal. The staff were very friendly and helpful. There are also many fun activities in the community, including community festivals and religious traditions, where merit is held for tourists and people who come to the market to make merit.

The market is not very big, but there are many restaurants here, and there are many dishes to choose from, such as pork satay, chinese sweets, rice with curry. There are many restaurants, a la carte dishes, noodles or those who want to eat sweets, desserts and hot drinks, but it’s a good idea to come in the morning until noon, as the market will start to fall.

Opening Hours: Sat-Sun and Public Holidays 09.00-15.00 hrs.

3. Taling Chan Floating Market

ตลาดน้ำในกรุงเทพ, กรุงเทพ ที่เที่ยว
Image Credit : FB/Taling Chan Floating Market Bangkok Thailand

One of the floating markets in Bangkok that has remained natural with the adaptation of the New Normal era since it started to open. Taling Chan Floating Market has a strict screening point for tourists and people, but it’s still a bustling atmosphere like taling steep floating market.

The restaurant is also good because it gives us a lot of walks. If you like to eat food on the waterfront, eat in a houseboat or sit back and enjoy the wind, you can enjoy it here. Now that most of the restaurants in the market are starting to open again, you can walk the shopping and the market tour.

Opening Hours: Sat-Sun and Public Holidays 08.00-17.00 hrs.

4. Floating Market 2 Klong Wat Taling Chan

ตลาดน้ำในกรุงเทพ, กรุงเทพ ที่เที่ยว
Image Credit : FB/TaladNam2Klong

One of the highlights for those visiting Taling Chan Floating Market is one of the most must-see floating markets in Bangkok. He is a little far from taling steep floating market. The name is known because it is the place where Khlong Taling Chan and Klong Chok Phra converge.

There are also many shops, including OTOP products in the community of the local good at Taling Chan. The restaurant also has an a la carte restaurant. The staff were very friendly and helpful. If you have time to walk to Bangkok Market, the 2 canals are perfect for walking to the nearby Taling Chan Floating Market.

Opening Hours : Sat-Sun 08.00-16.00 hrs.

5. Bueng Phraya Floating Market Wat Phraya Suren Temple

ตลาดน้ำในกรุงเทพ, กรุงเทพ ที่เที่ยว
Image Credit : FB/prayasuren

Who’s looking for a floating market in Bangkok that has a lot of activity? There is a beautiful photo corner to check in here because of the Bueng Phraya Floating Market. Wat Ya surerndra is a modern floating market with both traditional floating markets and fun activities for us, whether it’s the newest zone like a sheep farm, so you can feel the cuteness of your children up close or you’ll be sitting in the garden. Take beautiful photos on social media.

There are more than 200 shops in the market, so you can enjoy your life. The room was clean and comfortable. There are plenty of shopping options available. It’s going to be a while. If you’re worried about eating, don’t worry, because they have a regular a la carte menu. Rice topped with curry, noodles and other dishes such as fried clams. Grilled Shrimp Grilled Fish, Miang Pla You’ll be finished before returning home with a visit to The King’s Birthday. I’m so happy to be here. I’m really happy on a simple holiday.

Opening Hours : Sat-Sun 09.00-16.00 hrs.

6. Kwan-Riam Floating Market

ตลาดน้ำในกรุงเทพ, กรุงเทพ ที่เที่ยว
Image Credit : FB/kwanriamfloatingmarket

ShopBack Blog to end bangkok floating market with Kwan-Riam Floating Market The market is rebuilt with a cute concept like traditional conservation and to show the relationship between the villagers and the water. Inspired by classic love novels such as “The Last Love” and “The Last Day,” the film is based on the 1 The highlight of Kwan-Riam Floating Market is the bridge between Wat Bamphen Nuea and Wat Bang Peng Tai, where many people come to take photos of check-ins.

The atmosphere is lovely and simple. There are many shops, restaurants for us to stroll, taste, shop, and the market, where there are activities to enjoy throughout the year, as well as the alms giving of the monks in the boat every month. You can join us to make merit all the time. If you want to take a stroll through the peaceful, warm floating market, you can shop and eat something delicious.

Opening Hours: Sat-Sun and Public Holidays 06.00-18.00 hrs.