14 Bangkok places, free entry, #Part 1

1. Street Art Charoenkrung 

The hip of Bangkok And vintage Gathered in this road Charoen Krung, anyone who has passed by will see that This is the old district of Bangkok. That is very unique Of course, apart from the attractive traditional This street also pampers the hip with street art patterns along the walls and alleys. From the beginning of the road to the end As well as the architecture of the buildings, it still makes you want to press the shutter again, tell me that anyone who is free can come and take a walk and take photos!

2. Sao Ching Cha

Sao Chingcha  , a landmark in the heart of Bangkok Called It is a symbol of Bangkok, so this place is another place that must not miss taking pictures. It is also located near Wat Suthat as well. After making merit in Wat Suthat. Come out in front, stop at the beautiful pose. Take a photo with the Giant Swing or wait in the evening to get a very beautiful picture. Many old men Tell me you must not miss it!

3. Taling Chan floating market

Taling Chan Floating Market It is a famous floating market in Bangkok. That remain natural And the way of life of villagers along the banks of the canal, surrounded by orchids, vegetable gardens, good atmosphere And delicious local food Far from pollution on the road There is also a raft boat to sit and taste delicious food by the water. Therefore, anyone who wants to spend a slow life tasting delicious food, seafood, river prawns, and big grilled fish You have to pin it here.

4. Klong Lat Mayom Floating Market

Follow us to check in at Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market Bangkok floating market It is a genuine floating market. Ever Simple atmosphere It is the true way of life of the villagers along the canal. There are products for sale throughout the 2 banks. Take a boat ride to see the canal shore And still get some good souvenirs Go home as well. 

5. Chatuchak Railway Park

Bring together to breathe in the middle of the big garden with the train park or Wachira Benchatat Park At Chatuchak Here is another lung of Bangkok. That is open for everyone to relax, spend a slow life during the holidays comfortably. Among the big trees

Good activities that many people tend to come and chill is Cycle around the park or lay out a picnic mat under the trees. In addition, there are many other activities at the railway park. To help promote health such as aerobics, dance court, Bat, Bintan, basketball courts, swimming pool for children. And many more To allow the city people to relax and relax here.

6. Tha Maharaj

Tha Maharaj is a point that connects Tha Phrachan and Tha Chang, a road behind the palace with many delicious food. And now this place has become a community mall, a meeting point for lifestyle along the Chao Phraya River, according to the concept of Riverside Eatery, Urban Oasis, Art & Culture Market or a rich tourist center. art And the cultural heritage of the community itself

      Within Tha Maharaj This chic community mall on the banks of the Chao Phraya River has good restaurants, chilling corners, artwork and a chic café. Find inspiration You can take a walk here.

7. Artist House, Khlong Bang Luang

Khlong Bang Luang Artist House is a valuable art source. Located in the community along Khlong Bang Luang An old waterfront community that has existed since the Ayutthaya period. The former artist house is the former home of “Family of Love Explore” the old goldsmith family And later renovated to be an art gallery It is a gathering place for artists who love all types of art. Above is an art gallery. Both paintings and photos to see each other. Below section is divided into various art spaces.

 In addition, here there is also a show of puppet theater, Khlong Bang Luang. To preserve the art of puppet theater for longevity as well Anyone who wants to use art, look up art work, find good inspiration Talk and exchange knowledge of art You can sit and chill, sip coffee, find friends and exchange ideas here.