14 Bangkok places, free entry, #Part 2

Bangkok has a lot of attractions. Is a city that never sleeps Colorful tourist attraction worldwide, so we had to travel to Thailand Thailand Okay well as pinning flights Bangkok-style and was great with 15 flights to Bangkok Free Dauphin to get a free trip on a budget. Take a nice photo walk Do not waste money.

8. Golden Mountain, Saket Temple

Borom Banphot or Phukhao Thong is a model mountain chedi located in Wat Saket, built in the reign of King Phra Nang Klao Chao Yu Hua (King Rama 3) by imitating the Phu Khao Thong in the Ayutthaya period. The golden peak of the pagoda. It is therefore visible from afar. It is known as another symbol of Bangkok. Go ever.

The top of the Golden Mount Chedi contains the relics. To go up to worship, you have to walk up to 300 steps up the stairs together. In addition, at the top is a viewpoint. Where we can see Bangkok in 360 degrees as well.

9. Yaowarat, Bangkok

Yaowarat, the most famous Chinatown district in Thailand. As well as being famous internationally as a street food district. With a wide variety of food on both sides of the road to be delicious at a reasonable price. Besides the matter of deliciousness. Yaowarat is a historic district with Bangkok. For a long time. Therefore it is another place that is very charming.

 In the surrounding area there are temples, museums, shrines and art galleries. That is open to tourists to visit for free. Including there is also a beautiful photo corner. The image of the way of life of the people in the community is reflected on a daily basis.

10. Bangkok Art Gallery, Bangkok

Gallery Bangkok or Bangkok Art and Culture Center (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre) is an art museum. Located at the intersection of Pathumwan sure enough. It was established as a gathering place for artists to meet and exchange ideas. Various art styles. There is also a rotating exhibition. That changes during each period. Anyone who wants to find inspiration, add art to art work. Let’s invite each other here.

11. Terminal 21, Bangkok

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall, a new trend in the middle of Sukhumvit with an airport theme Each floor is designed to be a major city from all over the world, including London, Tokyo, San Francisco, Istanbul, etc. I can say that just walking and taking pictures is very chill. Restaurants, shops, famous brands All in one place Shoppers will definitely have a cheerful smile.

12. Train Night Market Ratchada

Train Night Market, a collection of classic items that hipsters love. Shop selling children’s clothing line Classic home furnishings that are difficult to find elsewhere, restaurants, bars, cafes are said to be crowded. Anyone who likes to walk. Chill and watch over there, can bring a camera to take pictures and chill here Street food here is also great, so you can shop, taste and taste like this at a cheap price.

13. Santichai Prakan Park Phra Arthit Road

Santichai Prakan Park It is a public park on the Chao Phraya River which is located around Phra Sumen Fort. This place has a lot of chill, artistry and romance.

In the afternoon until the evening will have both People come to exercise, show cases, open hats, watch the sunset Make here colorful And it is quite bustling. For chill lovers, we invite you to go see the beautiful scenery. Of the Chao Phraya River And Rama VIII Bridge Especially in the evening to turn on the bright lights

14. Forest in the City

The forest in the city, it is another attraction in ufabet Bangkok. It is very interesting. Because here a part from being a place to take a walk and see the shady trees and flowers. It is also a learning center with exhibitions. And a short screening room for us to learn about the ecosystem Various environments as well