“Russia” Beautiful city of europe

Russia , the greatest country in Europe, traveling to Russia is not as expensive as you think !! Everything is good, both in the air and in the house. Who is planning to go When traveling to Russia, when should we have the answers? Along with introducing places to travel in Russia top hits that should not be missed. Who wants to travel to Europe inexpensively and without a visa? 

Kremlin Palace

The beauty of Kremlin palace The number one attraction in Moscow No matter who comes to Russia on a tour, it is a palace that is vast and full of architectural buildings designed by a team of architects under the management of Constantine, who also designed the Kremlin Armry and Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer as well. The palace was built to show the greatness of the regime’s autocratic Russian

Open – Close: 10:00 to 17:00 am.
How to get there: Take subway line dark green came down station Teatralnaya or Orange Line station Okhoyny Ryad

Alexander Garden (Alexandrovsky Garden) All

spring Must go to see beautiful flowers at the garden of Alexander Moscow’s first public park It is located along the western wall of the Kremlin Palace. If you come here, you will definitely take a lot of pictures.

How to get there: take the dark green subway line to Teatralnaya Station or the Line. Orange Station Okhoyny Ryad

Red Square

Moscow’s most visited and bustling city center square. If you come to visit the Red Square, we can admire the beauty of Russian architecture. The area around Red Square also has many beautiful architecture such as the Kremlin Palace. St Basil’s Cathedral Kum Department Store Lenin memorial, an important figure of Russia

How to get there: Take subway line coming into a dark green or orange line station Teatralnaya station Okhoyny Ryad

St petersburg city 

The highlight of a summer trip in Russia is Watching the midnight sun phenomenon Which in every year that St Petersburg city. There will be a big event called White Night Russia, which is a festival celebrating the end of World War II and the collapse of the communist system in Russia. With an event There are various shows Including the show in the middle of the river where the scarlet sails or Scarlet Sails come out with spectacular fireworks. Who can not choose whether to go When traveling to Russia, what month is it? Suggestions for May – July to join this white night festival once. Certainly beautiful and impressive.

Peterhof Palace

Peterhof Palace Located in the city of St. Petersburg. Estuary near the Baltic Sea It is a palace with beautiful architecture. Designed by skilled craftsmen from Europe Created as a blend of classics, baroque and Renaissance, there is an elegant lounge. It has a vast garden And in front of the palace there are beautiful fountains and sculptures. As a tourist attraction In addition, there are many fountains in the garden area. If the aggregate amount of up to 150

How to get there: Take subway station Avtovo per minibus or Hydrofoil boat ride from the city

Catherine Palace

one of the beautiful palaces. In the city of St. Petersburg there is Catherine Palace. Built in 1717 by Catherine I, wife of Peter the Great. His intention was to build this palace as a summer palace. With new additions and decorations for many eras But the palace was destroyed by the German army during World War II, causing great damage. Therefore, there must be funding for various repairs. Including renting a Grand Hall room to host important events Which I would like to say that the trees in the palace garden during the autumn leaves are really beautiful.

How to get there: Take subway line blue Moskovskaya station, then bus line 342 or 545 at the bus stop across the road

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

This church was built to commemorate the Alexander II was assassinated in the area where this church was built. Because he announced the abolition of slavery Therefore a group of resistance to him throwing bombs into the royal carriage as he passed This area is called Church of the Spilled Blood Until today The church itself is of Russian architecture. It took more than 24 years to build and is full of splendid art. There is a pattern of the famous mosaics, impressive, who visited the city of St. Petersburg. You must definitely visit.

Lake Baikal

which is a highlight in the winter of Russia, must be here , Lake Baikal, which in winter will freeze !! It is the oldest, vast and deepest freshwater lake in the world. Live in Irkutsk During the winter from November to April This vast lake will completely freeze. The lowest temperature is -40 degrees, you can see the bubbles that have turned into the ice floor. Go down to take pictures and play Including having a car to run comfortably Who wants to open up new travel experiences must not miss!

How is it with the information that will go, you can tell us which month to go to Russia is beautiful. They differ only in the air and general atmosphere!