“Paraguay”For New Tourists

Paraguay is located in the middle of South America, it is a small country and has a free economy. Which mainly relies on agriculture and international trade especially soybeans and beef, which accounted for nearly 40% of total exports in 2013.Surrounded by rainforest, plains and winding rivers. There are a few tips for those looking to visit Paraguay for the first time.


The capital of Paraguay, sits in the middle of a meandering river. And lined with colonial architecture buildings and department stores.

 After strolling through Plaza de la Democracia and Plaza Uruguaya, for café lovers, Grab a coffee at Café Consulado, a trendy, LGBT-friendly coffee shop with great food. And served Paraguay beer Plus there are local arts to see.


A beach town, is popular with locals in the summer. They often come to sunbathe at San Jose beaches in Paraguay

Ciudad del Este

A town close to the Iguazú Falls, is popular with Argentinean and Brazilian shoppers looking for some relaxing shopping in Paraguay. 

But if shopping isn’t your thing. You can Visit the Itaipú Dam, a large hydroelectric dam that runs between Paraguay and Brazil. It is one of the largest hydroelectric generators in the world. 

The Gran Chaco

A steppe at northern Paraguay. It might be called a wilderness, however, it is full of small towns that are great to visit, such as Loma Plata and Filadelfia.Tourists can come by bus from Asunción.

What to eat? 

Paraguayan food is famous for many. But the loudest of all is Chipa, a cheese bread made from cassava flour. If you want to cool off with a refreshing drink, try Tereré with orange juice.