The Best Travelling Seasons in “Hokkaido”, Japan

Hokkaido It is another winter destination for tourists around the world. This island located in the northernmost part of Japan has many interesting attractions. It is a region with a cool climate all year round, beautiful like a fairy-tale snow town. Who wants to experience the snow town like in a fairy tale without having to cross the continent. Certainly For those who are not sure whether to go to Hokkaido or not? What’s good in Hokkaido?

Tomita Farm

One of the most famous flower farms on the island of Hokkaido. Located in Furano city The city of flowers and the vast mountains Within the farm there are plots to grow many kinds of crops, vegetables and fruits. Especially the melons, which are both beautiful, sweet, fragrant and crispy, delicious. it can used to make ice cream, dessert or various beverages. But what makes this farm so famous is its lavender fields and flowers. That will bloom dazzlingly, filling the valley in summer Visitors will have to walk closely to see these flower fields. In the midst of a comfortable atmosphere, the cool breeze is an experience you will never forget. For more details on the farm visit.

Mount Hakodate

Important peaks of Hakodate which has one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Japan Where the viewpoint above can see two bays facing each other Along with the city of Hakodate beautifully Especially at night to see the lights from the houses twinkling Like the stars on the ground Cool weather all year round Romantic atmosphere It’s worth bringing that special someone up to soak up this beautiful view.


Niseko is a district in Abuta City. Which is an area in the valley And it is close to Mount Yotei, the most beautiful volcano on the island of Hokkaido. This makes it a paradise for skiing and sports related to nature. In the winter there are many tourists from all over the world. Because in addition to having an area suitable for winter sports The view here is still beautiful, really hurting, but Niseko can travel all year round. There are lots of fun activities to do.

Otaru Canal

Otaru Canal Area It is an important landmark that if you don’t come, you don’t seem to come to Otaru. Along this canal, it is located in the center of Otaru in a very simple way. So if you want to know how good it is, you have to prove it from evening until evening. Most of the time, this area is very popular with locals for walking. More importantly, some days, such as on weekends, there may be artists to show their work to tourists who walk by. The night atmosphere is beautiful as the old gas lamps will turn on, making the atmosphere along the canal more romantic.