Famous temples in Hong Kong

Famous temples in Hong Kong. Ufabet999 will invite everyone to go Take a tour to fix the year online at famous temples of Hong Kong . This event is like going to pay respect by yourself. Anyone who wants to pray for blessings, enhance merit, travel online, you can do it now. Let’s have a look. That the temple that we will take to worship Is there any temple for us to pray for blessings?

Chekong Temple

Chekong Temple site or a turbine is celebrate in Thailand as well as the legendary temple dedicate to sharing Kong or the patrician commander in the Southern Song Dynasty (1670-1822 years BC. ). Who work to suppress rebellion in the 13th century and also led. The last Song emperor to escape invasion from Mongolia. to Hong Kong Island as well. Therefore, people in the provinces have dedicated this temple. To you about 300 years ago, sure enough.

     It is also say that every time in battle. He use a four-bladed turbine symbol attach to the front of the army chariot. By those soldiers It is believe. When carrying this symbol in the shape of a turbine will enhance the fortune bring good luck strong power. Along with enhancing. The morale of your army, sure enough. Thus making the reputation of leading your army in battle is legendary until today.

which now Therefore, there are both giant statues of Lord Chekong and lucky windmills that are unique to Chekong Temple, sure enough. The meaning of the four blades is a safe trip. longevity Money flows and all wishes come true. It is consider to bring prosperity, prestige, fortune and money to worshipers. Turn the turbine 3 times clockwise. And before you leave the temple. You have to beat the drums loudly for good fortune.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple or Wang Tai Sin Temple That we know as Wat Daeng, sure enough, is one of the temples that people go to pray for a lot of good fortune. Because it is believed to give the most fortune that has it all. This temple is dedicated to The god of healing named Wong Tai Sin inside the temple is also outstanding with red pillars. The zodiac statue is made of bronze, with a jade roof, interlocking wooden frames and decorated with dragons. It is unique that we remember each other very well, sure enough.

by the majority of those who believe They will come to pray for health blessings with Wang Ta Sian, pay homage to monks, enhance fortunes, or pay homage to monks to fix the year of the brew. together at the Tai Shui Ye Temple Wang Daxian secret room But if it’s about asking for a soulmate Must pay homage to the bachelor gods with the moon god or the red thread or the god Yuuklou known as the god of the moon or Elder of the Moon God of love and marriage, sure enough.

Chao Mae Kuan Im Temple, Hongham

Chao Mae Kuan Im Temple, Hongham located in the city of Hong Kong Although there are many temples worshiping the goddess Guan Yin together. But the temples in Hong Kong regarded as the most famous. This temple was built in the year 1873 to be dedicated to the goddess Guan Yin. It’s the Mother of Mercy. Later, during World War 2, bombs were dropped into Hong Kong. Many times together which resulted in a large number of casualties. But the people who took refuge in the temple return safely causing villagers to believe that they can escape this danger It is because the goddess Guan Yin is protected, sure enough.

The belief of Hong Kong-Macau people will have a property opening day   or money borrowing ceremony Hong Kong Guan Yin, which will have 1 day, held only once a year. Each year, the day will not be the same. This Kuan Yin borrowing ceremony is therefore one of the most famous ceremonies in Hong Kong. and is considered a ceremony that the people of Hong Kong Let’s pray for the fulfillment of many wishes.