Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is one of the natural phenomena in the sky. That many tourists dream of seeing once in their life. The magic of the green beam. It is an experience that should find the opportunity to experience it once. We will talk about the best places to see them. In this event, Expedia has compiled the countries that must not miss. Let’s take a picture of the wonderful atmosphere.

1. Aurora Iceland Light – Iceland

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Many people may have heard that. “Northern Lights” has come first, as Iceland is a top choice country that cannot be missed by hunters of the Aurora. This country rich in natural resources and pollution. As a strategic point for viewing the Aurora, you can see that in Iceland without having to drive too far from the capital city of Reykjavik, or who choose to watch in the city. But it will not be very clear.

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In addition to the capital city of Reykjavik, in the west of the country, the Kirkjufell mountain is about a couple of hours north of the capital, the Westfjords, and in the south of Iceland. Jökulsárlön Glacier Lagoon, located five to six hours from the capital, is also a beautiful spot for viewing, but Iceland is actually a country where you can see the Northern Lights from just about anywhere if the weather. And Auroral Activity is good. Anyone interested in seeing that in Iceland.

Getting to the north of Iceland

The most comfortable. Fly to Keflavik International Airport, then catch a taxi or take an Airport Express bus into downtown Reykjavik, approximately 35-45 minutes.

2. Aurora Sweden light – Sweden

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It is a strategic point to view the spectacular Aurora. With a beautiful backdrop of snowy mountains, glaciers and lakes. Sweden’s famous northern lights can be seen in several places. Where you will have to take the cable car to the station on top of Mount Abisko. National Park is notable for its clear skies. Making it possible to see that especially

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There are also Porjus, the lakeside village of Stoma Lulevatten, and the Torne Valley, home to the famous Ice Hotel, as a popular viewing option. You can check the country’s Auroral Activity forecast. Sweden here. 

Getting to Sweden

The most comfortable. Take a plane to Stockholm Arlanda Airport and take a domestic airline service from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Kiruna Airport in about an hour and a half.

3. Aurora Norway light – Norway

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Sweden’s neighboring country which is an equally beautiful viewing point for the Northern Lights Northern Norway, or Lapland, is a popular travel area to see the that. The most popular place will be in Tromso. Tromso, a tourist town located in the middle of the Aurora Oval, plus good weather. Pollution-free, making it possible to see the northern lights quite high. Another place that hunters should not miss is Lofoten Islands, a beautiful village surrounded by mountains and the sea.

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In addition to being an exclusive viewing point for the Northern Lights There is also a beautiful village background as well, whoever goes to see the wonderful Northern Lights in Norway.

Getting to Norway

The most comfortable journey to northern Norway is take a plane to Oslo Airport and take a domestic flight from Oslo to Tromso Airport to see the Northern Lights at Tromso. Or take a plane to Bodo Airport and take a bus to Lofoten Islands to see the Northern Lights at the Lofoten Islands.

4. Aurora Finland Light – Finland


Another must-see for northern lights hunters, Finland’s, Lapland, is the place where you can see the northern lights. Popular viewing spots in Lapland are Sodankylä, Location of Finland’s National Observatory, Inari Lake.


Or Inari Lake, Finland’s third largest lake, is another place to go. As well as Luosto and Oulanka National Parks, there are other places where there are no other lights, giving you even more opportunities to see the Northern Lights.The journeyWhere to stay?The best time to travel.

Getting to Finland

The most comfortable is Take a plane to Helsinki Airport and connect a domestic flight to Lapland Airport in about an hour and a half.

5. Aurora Russia light – Russia


The only country where we can see the Northern Lights without a visa is Russia. And the that here are spectacularly beautiful, not lost anywhere else. A popular place is Murmansk, a town in the north. Which is like a gateway to viewing Aurora of Russia In addition to seeing the beautiful Aurora. Will also experience the living culture of the Russian people here as well


From Murmansk to the south, there is a town called Severodvinsk, a place where you can see the Northern Lights, the kind that natives say you don’t have to drive out of the city. Who wants to see the Northern Lights in a simple way, do not need a visa. It must be here in Russia.The journeyWhere to stay?The best time to travel.

Getting to Russia

The most comfortable way to get to Murmansk is by plane to Russia Airport. Sheremetyeveo International Airport and then a domestic flight to Murmansk Airport takes about two and a half hours.

6. Aurora Australia lighting – Australia

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In addition to the phenomenon of the northern lights Another similar phenomenon, Aurora Australia, will appear in Tasmania, the southern state of Australia. The southern lights here can be seen all year round. If the skies are clear and the Aurora Activity is high, especially during September, it’s often the most beautiful and clearest month in Tasmania, Australia to observe the southern lights from every angle. Considered to be another interesting option Because traveling from Thailand to Tasmania is very convenient, you can take a plane to Hobart International Airport straight away.

Getting to Australia

Because traveling from Thailand to Tasmania is convenient, you can take a plane to Hobart International Airport right away.