10 “The strangest places” in the world

The strangest places, our world is hundreds of millions of years old. This is a long period of existence has led the world to meet and create many strange phenomena.

Many things that the world have been made into natural, it so beautiful, mysterious, and mysterious, I can’t believe my eyes that these strange places are on our planet!

Where will there be? Please watch strangest places all 10 rankings

10. Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain, Peru

Rainbow mountains where beauty is worthwhile Should go and see with the eyes once The best time to visit is around August. Because it is a dry season where the colors are the most vivid.

9. Giant Crystal Cave, Mexico

Naica Mine is the site of this giant crystal cave. As if coming out of a video game or the world of the future, it is about 500,000 years old.

8. Blood Falls, Antarctica

It is a place that is eerie but beautiful at the same time. Blood red water flowed through the waterfall. The red color comes from oxidized iron. Sightseeing can be done by booking a flight to Taylor Valley.

7. Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Eil Malk Island is reputed to be a salt lake. And unique is the jellyfish that can be easily seen.

6. Caño Cristales, Colombia

Better known as “River of Five Colors” or “Liquid Rainbow”. It is the most beautiful for multi-colored river in the world. It turns red in summer because of the special plants in the area. Really amazing!

5. Tunnel Of Love, Ukraine

The tunnel is almost completely covered with leaves. A part of an old railway. Located near Klevan, it is a very charming and charming place.

4 Deadvlei, Namibia

Deadvlei can be translated as ‘Dead Swamp’, as you saw it was a barren oasis. Due to dehydration So the roots of the trees came out of the ground. Thus becoming a beautiful place Surrounded by orange sand dunes Invisibly beautiful.

3. Spotted Lake Khiluk, British Columbia

This lake, located in the northwest of Osoyoos, is the most mineral lake in the world. Thus creating 365 small ponds that were split apart until they looked like tiny specks in a lake.

2. Die Rakotzbrücke, Germany

The bridge located at Gablenz is a bridge that takes the reflection of the water to show off its extraordinary beauty. Formed a mysterious and mysterious circle It was built in the 19th century, and some people even call it Devil’s Bridge.

1. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

The largest salt sea in the world Until it looks like the greatest natural mirror Which can see beautiful scenery This one from Incahuasi Island is another interesting vestiges of a prehistoric lake.