10 Historic Train Stations that still serves to connect people around the world

Trains don’t just connect cities or people, but trains, especially buildings, train stations are an important piece of the jigsaw that connects history. Just like the 10 historic train stations. Of the world that continues to act as a hub to connect people around the world and tell history from the past to the present at the same time

Train station in Porto Portugal, decorated with painted tiles that are unique to Portuguese architecture. The first train station built during the Russian Empire in St.

01 Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai, India

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) Victoria Station (Victoria Terminus) in Mumbai, India Recognized by UNESCO in 2004. As a World Heritage Site for its historic value and architectural style, it combines the Gothic Revival Architecture that was popular in Europe during the century. 19th with local Indian architecture

02 Saint-Lazare Station, Paris, France

Saint-Lazar train station It is France’s oldest railway station. Built in 1837 as a gateway to travel between Paris and the western city of Saint Germain-en-Las. -Laye). When it was first built. It was call embarcadère de l’ouest (Ombaccadere de L’ouest). Whose main building was a wooden building and stood in an area known as Place de l’Crop. (Place de l’Europe)

03 Sao Bento Station, Porto, Portugal

As a city famous for production Azulejo tiles, or painted tiles, are popularly use to decorate places. Such as churches, cathedrals, office buildings, homes and restaurants. And have become a distinctive architectural symbol of Portugal. ) in the city of Porto (Porto) is decorate with tiles Insulators Hood’s more than 20,000 pieces and make. This station is one of the Czech Republic at the tourist must visit.

04 Tokyo Station, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Station Located in the heart of Tokyo Japan is a railway station with an area of ​​​​182,000 square meters and the number of intercity trains in and out of the country, with approximately 4,000 trips per day, with almost 500,000 passengers a day. Marunouchi Western-style red-brick building, with the main building in the middle and left and right wing dome-shaped buildings. It is close for renovations for five years from 2007-2012. The courtyard in front of the building is landscape and fully open to the public at the end of 2017.

05 Vitebsky Station, St. Petersburg Russia

Vitebsky Station in st petersburg Russia. It is the first railway station built in 1837 during the Russian Empire to connect. The city of Saint Petersburg with the Tsarskoe Selo Palace. The first steam locomotive departed St. Petersburg to the Palace Station on October 30, 1837, under the direction of engineer and professor of technology Franz Anton Ritter von Goe. Franz Anton Ritter von Gerstner was also responsible for the construction of the station.